Unisex is sexy

Don't @ us. But seriously, we tried our hardest to find the softest tees that held up in the wash and flattered all body types. We may or may not be wearing one right now...

Set Phasers to Stunning

Not Starfleet standard issue, but close! As seen on board Star Trek: The Cruise.

Stay Sexy and Don't Get Murdered!

By far the best styles to wear while you proudly... F*** politeness. Designs inspired by Exactly Right Media's true crime comedy podcast, My Favorite Murder.

Social Animals

These cute, cuddly animals like to Netflix and chill like the rest of us. So it should be no surprise they're just as social.

Japanophiles R US

Whether you identify as weeabo, otaku, japanophile, magical girl, or just a lover of anime... we've got stuff for you to check out.